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Feb 17, 2021 | Client Stories

Jane Hiatt Explores the Alchemy of Rebranding

Written by Melissa McGlenn

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Jane Hiatt is a minister, spiritual mentor, hypnotherapist, and author. She is a strong, compassionate, charming woman with many years of experience in empowering her clients to live as their highest selves, getting rid of doubt, overwhelm, and overthinking.

I’ll never get tired of the feeling I get when my clients deeply know I fully support them on their journeys. It has always been my greatest goal to take the time to get to know and understand their businesses. That way, I get to put my creativity to work and bring the results that make them happy.

I believe that a business has to represent the uniqueness of the owner. That’s how you get ahead of your competition: by showing up with authenticity, kindness, and a desire to help. From there, everything can fall into place with consistency and a little magic.

Client - Jane Hiatt Book
Client - Jane  Hiatt & Melissa McGlenn

Jane approached me because she felt her online presence didn’t fully reflect her essence.

She’d outgrown her website — not only the design and look, but the depth of her soul’s work and her purpose had expanded. This is one of the most spectacular things I admire about women: they are dedicated to continuous growth. And they deserve to have their online presence fully represent that evolution.

My purpose is to honor the incredible women I work with, witness their breathtaking presence, and use my gift to portray their authentic mission.

The Struggles of Rebranding

Rebranding comes with a unique set of struggles.

It is daunting because women have to overcome past perceptions as they reinvent and redefine themselves. In the process of doing this, I find that clients often experience resistance to adopting the new identity. This takes time and coaching to integrate. And it’s only through the integration that we can let go of the confusing messaging that remains from the old branding.

She needed the entire website to really capture the essence of the powerful, competent, and warm woman that she was. Moreover, she needed an e-Commerce setup for her hypnosis downloads.

Here’s where I come in.

Client - Jane Hiatt - CD Covers

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

What Jane needed most, and I offered, was genuine support. When I take on a project, you can 100% expect coaching tailored to your specific needs, mind-blowing creativity for designs and marketing, and honest partnership. 

I took the time to get to know Jane’s personality and business. I listened carefully to absorb every little piece of information that makes her unique. I wasn’t there to simply do my job, but also to offer her a safe space to feel seen and understood. 

Her website is now simple, but impactful and straight-forward. Once you enter, you find out exactly who she is, accompanied by a beautiful design. It embodies her work – spiritual, ethereal, competent, driven, and friendly. All banners lead to her books on Amazon, and her e-Commerce store is in place to ensure the growth of her business. 

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“I think of myself as a catalyst for practical and magical change. Expect me to challenge the way you’re doing life. I want you to be empowered to change.”

Podcast concept with smartphone and headphones

I created her logo, postcards, business card, flyers, and book design.

Following my suggestion, she started an iTunes and SoundCloud podcast, which I set up on her website.

With a desire to enliven a book she’d written years ago, I helped her create the videos she needed for an 8-week video curriculum based on her book “The Magic Child”.

Does that sound like a lot of work together? It is. But that’s what happens when you collaborate with somebody for close to 8 years.

Nowadays, I still meet with Jane every few months or once a year to catch up and find out if I can help her with anything. This is a practice I love to implement with all of my clients. The fact that I already know their business instantly ignites my incredible creativity and I am able to offer them new insights on ways to improve their businesses.

Jane’s story of redesign and rebranding is very similar to many of my clients’. I’m honored to have the ability to make their vision come to life. I can’t wait to do it for you, too.

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Project Deliverables




Website Redesign and eCommerce Store


Business Cards






Book Design & Publishing


iTunes and SoundCloud Podcast Set-up & Design




Ongoing Coaching & Collaboration


Ongoing Website Maintenance

Jane Hiatt

Jane Hiatt

Minister, Spiritual Mentor, Hypnotherapist & Author

Free, Inspired, Nurtured, Evolving. Your true self is more wondrous than the person you may see in the mirror. You are not your appearance, mistakes, confusion or emotions. You are the light of all creation being expressed uniquely and perfectly. You are FINE in the highest sense of that word: free, inspired, nurtured, and evolving.

Learn more about Jane’s offerings by visiting her website.

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