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Launch & Grow Your Dream Business with the 1-on-1 Guidance of a Marketing Director

Hi, I’m Melissa! I teach women how to become the go-to expert in their industry by managing their brand, strategy, and marketing. I’m talking about powerfully feminine marketing for women who are passionate about their businesses.

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Most Women Waste an Enormous Amount of Money on Marketing their Business.

Do you wish you had a brilliant executive marketing partner to illuminate your marketing efforts and save you money?

You are amazing at what you do in your business, but you’re not a sales expert. In fact, you might say that traditional sales & marketing tactics are slimy, devalue the heart of your business, and make you feel sick.

You’ve invested countless hours(and your heart) into your business and you deserve to have the success you envision. You deserve to partner with a tech savvy woman who understands you and will take the load off your shoulders. As a woman, the way you run your businesses is unique.

If you want your business to be showcased with beautiful, evocative designs and to have a marketing plan that turns your vision into a reality, then take the next step and reach out today.

Tired Shop Owner

Premiere Design, Marketing, and Coaching For Women in Business

Do you have a business goal with no means to achieve it? As your business assistant and creative director, I can make your objective a reality and influence your audience like you never imagined possible. I have worked with hundreds of clients to birth innovative business ideas, publish their books, establish programs/institutions, and secure outstanding proposals. Whatever your need may be, I am confident I can fulfill it with my business expertise.

I'm Ready to Launch My Business

Do you feel ready to share your business and passion with the world, but aren’t certain you’ve got it all together? This is my area of expertise and I know the ins and outs of launching a heart-centered business. I’d be honored to guide and mentor you! I offer stellar services like Website Design, Logo Design & Branding, and Newsletter Design to promote your business and make your name known online.

Website Designer Company Near Me Bend OR - Inspired Melissa's Web Design & Consulting, 60951 McMullin Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702, 541-280-3642
Best Web Design Consulting Bend OR - Inspired Melissa's Web Design & Consulting, 60951 McMullin Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702, 541-280-3642


Is the thought of expanding your business intimidating, despite your drive to move forward and earn success? I understand the struggle and stress related to business growth. Fortunately, I offer expert solutions that go beyond the typical email lists and sales funnels by utilizing effective tactics and marketing strategies that empower women to save their money and valuable time with a service for business growth that aligns with their specific goals.


I love supporting soulful women in business. It is my heart’s desire to amplify your purpose, passion, message, and the gifts that you bring to the world. With Inspired Melissa, you receive support from the beginning stage of your business all the way through website development, consistent coaching, and support programs for all your marketing and advertising needs.

Website Designer Company Bend OR - Inspired Melissa's Web Design & Consulting, 60951 McMullin Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702, 541-280-3642

It’s Easy to Get Started!



Book Your Inquiry Call

Schedule a phone consultation or Discovery Session (currently over Zoom) with me so that I can come alongside you to assess your individual needs and professional expectations. This session will aid me in understanding how I can best suit your style and the overall creative direction you want to take. For me, it’s all about you!



Review Your Options

Think of me as a part of your executive team. Your internet marketing CEO, your creative director! I will evaluate your specific needs and confront any questions or concerns you may have about the process. While working with me, my goal is to provide you relief with the very best VIP service.



Get Back to What You Love

I will evaluate and implement your project specifications as I implement your plan and develop your graphic design and project layout according to the specific details.

Take the first step and book a complimentary Discovery Session with Melissa.

Tired of trying to do it all on your own?

Expanding & growing your business shouldn’t be so exhausting!

Unfortunately, most women entrepreneurs do experience this struggle — many burnout trying to do it all on their own, or deplete their precious creativity trying every possible marketing strategy out there.

But this doesn’t have to be your story. With my artistic and professional assistance with an alchemist’s vision, you can conquer a multitude of challenges. I take the hurdles, frustration, and roadblocks out of the way of your success with exclusive business coaching and mentorship.

“I honestly believe you can’t afford to wait any longer… I know you have a dream, a calling, a yearning that you need to listen to. It’s time, my friend. You are precious and the gifts that only you can bring to the world are important. More important now than ever before. Let’s talk about your dreams and create a roadmap together!  I’m cheering for you!” ~Melissa McGlenn

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With

Website Designer Near Me Bend OR - Inspired Melissa's Web Design & Consulting, 60951 McMullin Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702, 541-280-3642
Graphic Designer For Clothing Brand - Inspired Melissa's Web Design & Consulting, 60951 McMullin Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702, 541-280-3642

It’s Your Turn to Shine!

Launching a business, forming a plan without the proper tools, or brainstorming an idea that does not quite stick can feel overwhelming and discouraging – I would know since I once was an aspiring entrepreneur! Fortunately, with my expertise, I can provide an arsenal of solutions for your specific needs while saving you time and money. As an expert on your team who is business-minded, tech-savvy, professionally equipped, and customer-connection driven, there is no question about your success with me!

Whether you are a new business starting out, an established business looking to update your look and upgrade your website, or somewhere in between, I would love to discover how I can help you.

I offer a no-risk, complimentary 60-min consultation. Consultations are in beautiful Bend, Oregon, or via Zoom.

Marketing Services for Women Entrepreneurs

Graphic & Web Design


Offering professional graphic design services for your marketing campaigns, promotions, projects and business identity.. I will listen and talk through all of your ideas, starting with the ‘dream idea’ and working out what is affordable and achievable to suit your budget.

You deserve a graphic designer who can use design to engage with your audience; attract their attention, conveying a message and elicit a response.

Get the gorgeous design that you deserve, one that showcases who you are and what your business is really about!

Logo & Brand Design


If you are a new business just starting out, I can help you achieve your new identity, whatever your budget. Branding is vital to the success of your business and it should both precede and underlie any marketing effort.

Receive four logo variations, social media pieces, business card design, three additional brand collateral items & a brand style guide – a full collection of brand assets to elevate and expand your business’ place in the market.

Branding isn’t just about logos, taglines and colors… it is about the bond you create with your customer.

Printed Multimedia


I work with carefully selected printers to give you the best finish for your budget. I can print a variety of marketing materials for your promotions such as brochures, menus, business cards, flyers and exhibition materials.

Aside from making things look eye-catching, I focus on the core values of your business and look at ways to transform your message into clear visual communication.

I use carefully selected printers and can advise on the best quality papers and printing techniques suitable for your projects.

Website Design For Consulting Firm Bend OR - Inspired Melissa's Web Design & Consulting, 60951 McMullin Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702, 541-280-3642

What Customers Are Saying

Melissa is a wonder! She took two newbies to the video/audio world and patiently let us find our way. The result is a professional offering gaining in views and positive comments. She totally “got” us and our mission. As we develop more offerings she is and will be a part of our team.

Sara S.

International Spiritual Tour Guide

Of all the things Melissa does well with our website, my favorite part of her service is her creative collaboration. I always leave a meeting with her feeling energized, inspired and grateful! She brings creativity and beauty and is wonderfully inspiring as a collaborative partner. I highly recommend her services.

Jane H.

Minister & Hypnotherapist

I called Melissa for a brief bit of social media advice and got a full session of generous and brilliant online business development advice. I cannot recommend her highly enough to mission-driven entrepreneurs who are growing a business.

Cylvia H.

Author & Consultant

I’d love to help build a brand & grow a tribe that supports your business & lifestyle.

Melissa (Tugmon) McGlenn  - Owner at Inspired Melissa’s Web Design & Consulting

Melissa (Tugmon) McGlenn

Owner at Inspired Melissa’s Web Design & Consulting

Your Creative Director

My vision for our business partnership is for you to feel proud of the work I deliver and confident in the materials you are provided with to reach your audience and achieve success.

My mission is to produce a beautiful outcome that not only covers your expectations but exceeds them.

With notable customer service, cost-effective pricing, and a result that reflects our business connection, you don’t have to question why Inspired Melissa is the best choice for your business!

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