Social Media Marketing

Done for You, Tailored Content, for Your Social Media Network 

Are you ready to hire a social media specialist for all of your marketing management, brand strategy and content creation?

Social media connects you and your company to your audience and acts as a connective platform for you to share your marketing content with potential site visitors and customers. Through a series of influential posts, promotional content, and engaging advertisements, I can help you reach your audience on various social media platforms like Facebook and  Instagram.

Directly connect with your audience through social media by promoting your business, products and services. Interact with your customers and followers through advertisement-based content that catches their attention and initiates their anticipation for more.

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Tailored Content for Your Social Media Network

Boost Your Online Influence

Today, achieving a solid social media presence is just as crucial, or even more crucial than having a stunning website. Inspired Melissa will manage your social media engagement by posting consistently and providing valuable content that engages and interacts with your customer base.

Strategy Sessions

Book a strategy session to cover your social media marketing goals,  initiatives, and to discuss the best methods to covey your marketing message.

52 Weekly Branded Posts

The focus of this package is brand awareness. Each post will highlight your, your mission, goals, products, and services because when you engage with your customers on social media, you create an opportunity for their network to learn about your brand.

30 Daily SOCIAL Media Posts

This monthly management package included graphics and copy for a month of content.  All content is created and you approve it before it’s posted.

Google My Business Site

Active posting on Google is a powerful way to improve a business’ local search engine optimization and online visibility. Google My Business Posts are comparable to mini ads for your company, products, or services.

Peace of Mind is Just a Click Away

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Melissa (Tugmon) McGlenn

Owner at Inspired Melissa’s Web Design & Consulting

Your Creative Director

My vision for our business partnership is for you to feel proud of the work I deliver and confident in the materials you are provided with to reach your audience and achieve success.

As your Creative Director, I will customize my services to your specific needs. I understand that you are different and have unique expectations and I will do my very best to honor that in the work I deliver. Let’s share a cup of tea and discuss your project needs in a Discovery Session (currently being offered over Zoom). Most of the projects that I regularly produce require a tailored quote. After all, everyone is different, and each individual project needs its own resources and precise approach. The projects I custom quote are:

It’s Easy to Get Started!



Book Your Inquiry Call

Schedule a phone consultation or Discovery Session (currently over Zoom) with me so that I can come alongside you to assess your individual needs and professional expectations. This session will aid me in understanding how I can best suit your style and the overall creative direction you want to take. For me, it’s all about you!



Review Your Options

Think of me as a part of your executive team. Your internet marketing CEO, your creative director! I will evaluate your specific needs and confront any questions or concerns you may have about the process. While working with me, my goal is to provide you relief with the very best VIP service.



Get Back to What You Love

I will evaluate and implement your project specifications as I implement your plan and develop your graphic design and project layout according to the specific details.

Take the first step and book a complimentary Discovery Session with Melissa.

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