Premiere Design, Marketing, and Coaching

Premiere Design, Marketing, and Coaching

I love supporting soulful women in business. It is my heart’s desire to amplify your purpose, passion, message, and the gifts that you bring to the world. With Inspired Melissa, you receive support from the beginning stage of your business all the way through website development, consistent coaching, and support programs for all your marketing and advertising needs.


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Is the thought of expanding your business intimidating, despite your drive to move forward and earn success? I understand the struggle and stress related to business growth. My marketing coaching services offer a personalized approach, specifically focused on your unique need. Get the help you need to implement the right marketing for your business.

A full hour of my dedicated attention where we‘ll discuss your goals, ideas, and dreams. Show me where you’re stuck or pick my brain about whatever is holding you back. You’ll walk away with actionable takeaways that you can begin to implement immediately!


Best Web Design Consulting Bend OR - Inspired Melissa's Web Design & Consulting, 60951 McMullin Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702, 541-280-3642

60-min consultation with Melissa

As your dedicated partner in success, I’m excited to offer you a 60-minute follow-up consultation that is entirely focused on your unique needs. Whether you’re a returning client or have been with me for a while, this consultation is designed to ensure that we continue to align our strategies with your evolving business objectives. Together, we’ll fine-tune your marketing efforts, identify new opportunities, and work towards achieving the results you desire. I look forward to our productive discussion and helping you propel your business to new heights.

$180/hour, video or in-person (by request)

Deep Dive with Melissa

Certain work calls for hands-on, intensive, extended time together. That’s where my Deep Dive work session comes in. This exclusive session is all about dedicated attention to your unique needs and projects.

During our time together, we’ll roll up our sleeves and dive headfirst into the heart of your business challenges. Whether it’s crafting a compelling launch strategy, mapping out a comprehensive business plan, or tackling any other project that demands focused attention, I’m here to provide the expertise and guidance you require.

My Deep Dive sessions are designed to be a collaborative experience, fostering open dialogue and innovative thinking. I’ll leverage our industry knowledge and experience to address your specific pain points and provide actionable solutions. This extended one-on-one interaction ensures that we leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you achieve your objectives.

By the end of your Deep Dive session, you’ll not only have a clear roadmap but also a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. It’s about getting results, and I’m dedicated to helping you make substantial progress in a short amount of time.

I can’t wait to partner with you in this intensive, transformative experience, and we’re excited to see your projects and business thrive.

$180/hour, video or in-person (by request)

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