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Captivate Your Clients with Video Marketing

Online video marketing is a great platform to promote your business

Videography may seem complex, but it’s just electronic art that captures moving images into a mini-motion picture. Producing video for your website is an ideal way to draw audiences in for them to connect with your content. These short clips are effective to initiate a response from your site visitors, whether it be emotional or thought provoking, you want your audience to see and feel your motive and desired impact, which is where I come in! I will craft your videos with stunning imagery, interactive icons, and smooth transitions to efficiently convey your intended message through video.

From basic to bold, I can do it all for your videography. Whether you need DIY solutions or an entire overhaul for your video project from conception to production to posting, I can help you! Most video projects require a custom quote due to their ranging needs dependent on the client.

Whether you are looking for a 60-second promotional video, a 3-5 minute advertisement or a longer video series, I’ve got you covered. Perhaps you need full-service production, including concept — planning, scripting, staging, shooting, recording, hiring models, scouting locations, post production, editing, background music, voice overs — to completion, or if you just want guidance as you produce your own DIY Videos. Whatever your video needs are, I will meet you where you are at and provide you with expert care and attention.

→ Commercial Videos
→ Event Videos
→ Promotional Videos
→ Client & Prospect Engagement Videos
→ Pre-recorded Webinar Videos
→ Product Videos
→ Advertising Videos
→ Tutorials & How-to Instructional Videos
→ Interview Style Videos
→ A Day in the Life of Videos
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Do you have a video idea that you need help creating?

I’m a full-service video producer who’ll take your idea from concept to completion including storyboarding,  recording, and post-production editing – with all of my artistic & storytelling flair.


I can offer you weekly meetings during your DIY video or series production with tips, tricks, and one-on-one support in bringing your vision to life.

You’ll love the finished product with my DIY video coaching, advice, and mentorship. Get support and guidance from me to direct you through the creative process. Learn about the storyboarding, effective staging, lights, cameras, and editing software and step-up to produce your own videos.


Gain the attention you want from your audience with fascinating film. Allure viewers with a crisp resolution, intentional clips, and influential information in the form of entertaining video footage.

Promotional Videos

Making a promotional video can boost your sales, grow your business and bring in new customers!

Educational Videos

Educate your clients with a video built around concepts or actionable steps that they can follow.

Inspirational Videos

Create breathtaking scenes or reveal awe-inspiring moments to inspire and motivate your customers.

Peace of Mind, Just a Click Away

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Melissa (Tugmon) McGlenn

Owner at Inspired Melissa’s Web Design & Consulting

Your Creative Director

My vision for our business partnership is for you to feel proud of the work I deliver and confident in the materials you are provided with to reach your audience and achieve success.

As your Creative Director, I will customize my services to your specific needs. I understand that you are different and have unique expectations and I will do my very best to honor that in the work I deliver. Let’s share a cup of tea and discuss your project needs in a Discovery Session (currently being offered over Zoom). Most of the projects that I regularly produce require a tailored quote. After all, everyone is different, and each individual project needs its own resources and precise approach.

It’s Easy to Get Started!



Book Your Inquiry Call

Schedule a phone consultation or Discovery Session (currently over Zoom) with me so that I can come alongside you to assess your individual needs and professional expectations. This session will aid me in understanding how I can best suit your style and the overall creative direction you want to take. For me, it’s all about you!



Review Your Options

Think of me as a part of your executive team. Your internet marketing CEO, your creative director! I will evaluate your specific needs and confront any questions or concerns you may have about the process. While working with me, my goal is to provide you relief with the very best VIP service.



Get Back to What You Love

I will evaluate and implement your project specifications as I implement your plan and develop your graphic design and project layout according to the specific details.

Take the first step and book a complimentary Discovery Session with Melissa.

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