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Jun 10, 2019 | Client Stories

Designing a Website for a Healer’s Unique Style of Energy Bodywork

Written by Melissa McGlenn

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As an intuitive healer in Bend, Oregon, HL King has found unexpected success by conducting one-on-one sound energy medicine sessions.

But first, she had to listen to her own intuition: it was time to leave behind 22 years of physical therapy and embark on a new path to provide energy sound healing to others.

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I needed a website for my energy practice, Expanding Wholeness, that would allow me to deeply connect with others before I even met them.

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Preparing a Passion Worth Sharing

HL King had already been in the physical therapy industry focused on cultivating wellbeing, healing, and improvement. She knew she wanted to take her passion for helping others in a different direction, but wasn’t sure how to get there. That’s when she approached me.

When she came to me to gain some insight into the approach, we instantly knew we’d be perfect to work together. My intuitive process for website design was the remedy she needed because she wasn’t ready to do it all on her own. We found clarity on her goals and personal motivations to create an authentic image for the right audience.

HL was courageous enough to follow inspiration when it was just an idea, and she was surprised at how natural the process became when she reached out for my guidance to help her develop it. Visit Expanding Wholeness to explore her new, inspiring design.

Preparing a Passion Worth Sharing
Client Testimonials - Quote Sign

Creativity begins at the end of your comfort zone… and so does growth!

Creativity begins at the end of your comfort zone

A Co-Creative Approach to Business & Marketing

We worked side-by-side through the creation of HL’s Expanding Wholeness logo, branding, website, business cards, and rack cards. We created a Square account for online appointment scheduling and payment processing. I was also able to offer HL insights into the mysterious nature of creativity and inspiration as she developed her business concept.

At the start of every woman’s business journey, we are faced with our most beautiful qualities, but also with the most fearful thoughts. With coaching and journaling prompts, HL bravely moved through this vital aspect of creating a sustainable and holistic business that fits into her life. We talked about the attitude, approaches, and habits that she would need in order to live the most creative, balanced, and prosperous life as a businesswoman.

I couldn’t be happier being part of the start of her beautiful business journey! I love the alchemy of working together with intrepid women — offering a wellspring of innovative, inspirational, personal, and professional success strategies.

Website Design for a Healer’s Unique Style of Energy Bodywork

Project Deliverables


Brand & Logo Design


Content Writing & Brand Promise Development


Website Design & Development


Website Search Engine Optimization


Business Cards


Rack Cards


Social Media Account Setup & Engagement Strategy


Email Marketing Setup & Integration


Google My Business Setup


Online Scheduling & Payment Portal Setup


Ongoing Coaching & Collaboration


Ongoing Website Maintenance

Expanding Wholeness

Expanding Wholeness

HL King

Energy Bodywork Healer, Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Standup Paddleboard Instructor.

Learn more about the benefits of HL’s Unique Energy Bodywork Healing Experience by visiting her gorgeous website.

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