More than a decade ago, internet-savvy individuals would usually surf the web using desktop computers. Fast forward to 2021 and most of the world with online access view the digital landscape as an integral part of daily life — for businesses and consumers — but the stratospheric rise of smaller screens paved the way for a new medium for browsing.

In recent years, people now heavily rely on mobile devices — be it a smartphone or a tablet — to search the net. While industries have long embraced the role of websites in growing one’s business, most forget to incorporate mobile responsiveness in their site.

You may be wondering why a responsive website can make a difference in your bottom line, that’s why we’re here to show you how a mobile-friendly web design can set you up for success:

Increases Site Usability and Readability

A responsive web design means your website can smoothly adjust its interface and all its contents using different devices. Since consumers can easily switch between screens without noticing any difference in the resolution, layout, or navigation, you can guarantee seamless site usability for all your readers.

Boosts Conversion Rate

Thanks to the improved site usability, a responsive website can create a positive user experience, which means your consumers have little-to-no hindrances in their buyer’s journey. With highly readable content, a smooth-flowing layout, and a mobile-friendly site that functions flawlessly on smaller devices, your website has higher chances of converting visitors into curious consumers.

Improves SEO Ranking

Both the benefits mentioned above tip the odds in your favor, particularly in improving your ranking in search engines. Google often prioritizes responsive websites since it can crawl your site with a higher likelihood of solving content issues, allowing you to iron out mistakes and reach a better standing in search results.

Future-Proofs You Against New Mobile Devices

Since a responsive web design ensures your site can function to new screens without a hitch, you can gain confidence knowing that your website can be sustainable for years to come since you don’t necessarily have to adjust your code to suit new devices.

The Bottom Line: A Responsive Website Leaves A Positive Impact and Widens Your Market Reach 

Leaving a mark in a saturated, digital marketplace feels like an arduous effort, but we can help you increase your rank by integrating results-driven and SEO-friendly design elements into your website.

Ensuring your website is mobile responsive, in this case, can put your brand on the digital map and access a broader range of potential customers — all because your site can adjust seamlessly no matter the size of the screen!

How Can Our Website Design Agency in the USA Improve Your Website Strategy and Boost Your Online Presence?

We see the gap in the landscape, that’s why here at Inspired Melissa, we empower women-owned businesses so aspiring entrepreneurs and boss babes can flourish in their venture.

If you need help with SEO optimization, link building, and designing a responsive website, contact us today at 541-280-3642 to see how we can help propel your business forward in the industry.

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