Branding Strategies: The Best Way to Help Your Business Bloom

Branding Strategies: The Best Way to Help Your Business Bloom

The term branding has been tossed around everywhere, making people unsure of what it actually is. Because of that, entrepreneurs forget the power that branding holds and what it can do to help your business bloom.

But when you do dig deeper into what branding truly is, it can get quite confusing. Various experts emphasize different elements of a brand strategy, making it trickier to choose the best channels that would generate results for your business.

This makes it difficult for women entrepreneurs like you to maximize the benefits of a branding strategy. Let’s strip down what a branding strategy is supposed to have:

  • It needs to give your brand a unique look and feel;
  • It must evoke a powerful and purposeful brand message;
  • It must have consistent visual elements;
  • And finally, it must be incorporated seamlessly into your company’s overall operations.

That could be a lot to take in one go, right? For this reason, entrepreneurs team up with expert graphic designers to ensure that their branding is aligned with their company’s core value and that it visually attracts your target audience.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into creating brand strategies, keep reading. In this article, we’ll share with you the steps you need to take to maximize a branding strategy’s potential and help your business bloom.

1. Use Branding to Set You Apart From the Competition

The goal of your branding strategy is this: reflect your products and services and show your audience how much better you are than your competitors.

Niche expertise is a great way to encourage growth for your brand and stand up against your competition. And with a well-thought-of brand strategy, you’ll be able to manipulate your customer’s experience and convince them that you’re the better choice.

2. Create an Emotional Connection

The best way to win hearts is by touching them and making sure they’re seen; that’s exactly what your branding needs — connection. Successful companies create an emotional bond with their customers, and in return, their customers build loyalty and trust towards them.

Pro Tip: Work with expert graphic designers to help you create compelling visual content and logo design that will help pull your target market to your brand.

3. Establish Credibility

You want to ensure that your customers know what to expect when they work with you. This means you need to offer quality services and guarantee a fantastic customer experience every time to help boost your credibility.

A great way to do that is by incorporating your brand promise into your branding strategy. A professional and powerful image will help communicate your brand’s purpose to your audience, so it’s best to ensure that you produce quality content for them to absorb.

4. Have Consistency Online

Having a strong and consistent online voice will help propel your business to success. Remember that the “tone” of your social media voice plays a huge role in your brand identity and credibility, so it’s best to cultivate the right one for you.

When you have a consistent tone, customers will recognize your brand right away, improving your online visibility and credibility.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Sleep on Your Branding Strategy

Branding strategies play a significant role in the success of your business. With proper planning and working with the right graphic designers, you’ll be able to produce visually stunning content that will help you live a mark in the digital marketplace.

How Can Inspired Melissa Help You?

Being a women entrepreneur is a stunning feat, and with that, you want to ensure that you’re taking all the right steps to help your business reach full bloom.

Inspired Melissa is a creative advertising and marketing management agency for women-owned businesses. Our goal is to eliminate the pressure of advertising and marketing management to help you focus on what matters: your business. We offer graphic design, branding, social media strategies, and more. Check out our services today and find the right package for you!

Jane Hiatt Explores the Alchemy of Rebranding

Jane Hiatt Explores the Alchemy of Rebranding

Client - Jane Hiatt Blog Header

Jane Hiatt Explores the Alchemy of Rebranding

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In Customer Stories

Jane Hiatt is a minister, spiritual mentor, hypnotherapist, and author. She is a strong, compassionate, charming woman with many years of experience in empowering her clients to live as their highest selves, getting rid of doubt, overwhelm, and overthinking.

I’ll never get tired of the feeling I get when my clients deeply know I fully support them on their journeys. It has always been my greatest goal to take the time to get to know and understand their businesses. That way, I get to put my creativity to work and bring the results that make them happy.

I believe that a business has to represent the uniqueness of the owner. That’s how you get ahead of your competition: by showing up with authenticity, kindness, and a desire to help. From there, everything can fall into place with consistency and a little magic.

Client - Jane Hiatt Book
Client - Jane  Hiatt & Melissa McGlenn

Jane approached me because she felt her online presence didn’t fully reflect her essence.

She’d outgrown her website — not only the design and look, but the depth of her soul’s work and her purpose had expanded. This is one of the most spectacular things I admire about women: they are dedicated to continuous growth. And they deserve to have their online presence fully represent that evolution.

My purpose is to honor the incredible women I work with, witness their breathtaking presence, and use my gift to portray their authentic mission.

The Struggles of Rebranding

Rebranding comes with a unique set of struggles.

It is daunting because women have to overcome past perceptions as they reinvent and redefine themselves. In the process of doing this, I find that clients often experience resistance to adopting the new identity. This takes time and coaching to integrate. And it’s only through the integration that we can let go of the confusing messaging that remains from the old branding.

She needed the entire website to really capture the essence of the powerful, competent, and warm woman that she was. Moreover, she needed an e-Commerce setup for her hypnosis downloads.

Here’s where I come in.

Client - Jane Hiatt - CD Covers

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

What Jane needed most, and I offered, was genuine support. When I take on a project, you can 100% expect coaching tailored to your specific needs, mind-blowing creativity for designs and marketing, and honest partnership. 

I took the time to get to know Jane’s personality and business. I listened carefully to absorb every little piece of information that makes her unique. I wasn’t there to simply do my job, but also to offer her a safe space to feel seen and understood. 

Her website is now simple, but impactful and straight-forward. Once you enter, you find out exactly who she is, accompanied by a beautiful design. It embodies her work – spiritual, ethereal, competent, driven, and friendly. All banners lead to her books on Amazon, and her e-Commerce store is in place to ensure the growth of her business. 

Jane Hiatt Blog Feature
Quote Sign

“I think of myself as a catalyst for practical and magical change. Expect me to challenge the way you’re doing life. I want you to be empowered to change.”

Podcast concept with smartphone and headphones

I created her logo, postcards, business card, flyers, and book design.

Following my suggestion, she started an iTunes and SoundCloud podcast, which I set up on her website.

With a desire to enliven a book she’d written years ago, I helped her create the videos she needed for an 8-week video curriculum based on her book “The Magic Child”.

Does that sound like a lot of work together? It is. But that’s what happens when you collaborate with somebody for close to 8 years.

Nowadays, I still meet with Jane every few months or once a year to catch up and find out if I can help her with anything. This is a practice I love to implement with all of my clients. The fact that I already know their business instantly ignites my incredible creativity and I am able to offer them new insights on ways to improve their businesses.

Jane’s story of redesign and rebranding is very similar to many of my clients’. I’m honored to have the ability to make their vision come to life. I can’t wait to do it for you, too.

Client - Jane Hiatt Website

Project Deliverables




Website Redesign and eCommerce Store


Business Cards






Book Design & Publishing


iTunes and SoundCloud Podcast Set-up & Design




Ongoing Coaching & Collaboration


Ongoing Website Maintenance

Jane Hiatt

Jane Hiatt

Minister, Spiritual Mentor, Hypnotherapist & Author

Free, Inspired, Nurtured, Evolving. Your true self is more wondrous than the person you may see in the mirror. You are not your appearance, mistakes, confusion or emotions. You are the light of all creation being expressed uniquely and perfectly. You are FINE in the highest sense of that word: free, inspired, nurtured, and evolving.

Learn more about Jane’s offerings by visiting her website.

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SEO Basics Worth Mastering: A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

SEO Basics Worth Mastering: A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your web content. It improves your ranking on search engine page results (SERPs) and makes your web pages more discoverable when users are searching for your products or services online. Investing in this strategy can help you expand your reach and drive traffic to your site.

SEO marketing allows you to attain your business goals, but you may have difficulty making your business stand out from others on search results. There is no one-size-fits-all tactic, but as a woman entrepreneur, you can gain a competitive edge by mastering the following SEO basics:

Research relevant keywords

To increase your chances of making your web pages appear on search results, research new and trending keywords used by your target audience to search for your product or service online. Incorporate them into your site so when search engines index your content, they can show your articles to users searching for those keywords. This way, you can outrank your competitors, drive more organic traffic to your website, convert more leads, and boost your sales.

Focus on your local SEO

Your potential customers in your locality are likely to search for your business online before dropping by to ensure your products and services are worth their money. Make sure that they are aware of the key information about your business by optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

Don’t forget to include your hours of operation, add your location in Google Maps, keep your business information up-to-date, and reply to customer reviews. Doing this helps you connect with your customers better and expand your presence. It also allows you to get data and analytics on those engaging with your business listing.

Add detailed alt-tags

Alt-tags are short, accurate, and detailed descriptions of your content. Adding them to photos, videos, graphics, and other rich-media content can help make your site more accessible to users. It also helps search engines learn more about the various types of content available on your site and index them properly.

Produce your original content

Content that brings value to your target audience lets you share your expertise, establish your credibility as a reputable thought leader in your field, and provide search engines with more information about your products and services. However, if those articles are copied word-for-word, your content can be tagged by web crawlers as duplicate text on different pages. As a result, it can impact your SEO efforts negatively.

Make sure to attain your desired results from SEO by keeping your content original. If you are having trouble doing this, you can always seek help from a reliable SEO agency. On the other hand, when you need to re-publish an article through a content partnership, consider adding canonical tags or look for other ways to avoid getting your content tagged as duplicated text.


Making your woman-led business recognized in the digital world can be challenging regardless of your industry, especially with the tough competition. To help improve your SEO and set yourself apart from other companies in your field, follow the basics listed above and explore other digital marketing best practices that best suit your business. You can also partner with a marketing agency like mine to ensure you achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for an SEO agency that is passionate about helping women-owned businesses grow, then you’ve come to the right place. Inspired Melissa specializes in marketing, strategy, and brand management. Book a discovery call today to know how I can assist you!

A Guide to Digital Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs Like You

A Guide to Digital Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs Like You

The digital world is slowly taking over the world, and with that, many are starting to realize the importance of digital media. The scene is no longer led primarily by men too as women entrepreneurs are dominating the landscape just as fiercely. Nonetheless, for aspiring entrepreneurs, one of the biggest challenges you have to face when running a business is reaching a large audience to increase your brand’s visibility and garner more sales.

But how do you do this? This is where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing tackles many things that can help your business flourish; however, you need to make effective strategies so you could meet your digital goals. Whether it be through content marketing, social media marketing, or running online campaigns, there are many things you need to consider.

Since some women entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure about handling their digital marketing efforts, some collaborate with digital and social media marketing agencies to create compelling content and powerful strategies that will help them leave a mark in the digital marketplace.

If you’re thinking of boosting your online presence and improving your digital marketing strategies, keep reading. Let’s look into everything you need to improve your digital marketing strategies for women entrepreneurs like you!

1. A Powerful and Well-Designed Website

Having a website is an essential tool that will help you leave your mark in the digital marketplace. Why? Think of it this way — your website is a brick-and-mortar alternative in the digital world. Here, you’ll be able to promote your brand, product, services, as well as create awareness about your business’s vision.

For a website to be powerful and yield conversion rates, it must be well-designed, easy to navigate, responsive, UX friendly, and has a thoughtful visual theme. Besides that, your website must load quickly to ensure a positive user experience, enabling users to stay longer on your site and eventually convert into customers.

2. Compelling and Curated Social Media Content

Most entrepreneurs are aware of how dominant social media platforms are in the digital marketplace. Platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, provide women entrepreneurs a space to help make their brand and presence felt.

An effective social media campaign involves continuous and timed content posting, giving your audience enough room to engage with your posts while keeping them on their toes, ready for the next one. This way, you’ll bring in organic and authentic engagement, allowing you to get to know your audience on a personal level.

Getting social media marketing services from a reliable digital marketing agency will help you climb higher in the digital marketplace. Collaborating with like-minded and passionate people will help propel your digital marketing strategy and help you gain more leads.

3. Utilize Paid Advertising

Since we’re on the topic of social media, you should know that you can actually boost your posts to get a wider reach. Of course, some entrepreneurs don’t rely on paid advertising to push their posts; however, doing so can do wonders for your social media numbers.

If you have relevant posts regarding your message, products, or services, give them a boost by getting paid advertising. This way, you’ll be able to curate your target audience and the people you want to reach. Paid advertising is extremely beneficial since it only taps those who may be interested in your brand.

The Bottom Line: With Proper Digital Marketing Techniques and Effective Strategies, Your Business Will Continue to Grow

On the surface, these digital marketing concepts can be basic. However, you should know that there are many layers you need to consider and techniques you need to inject to ensure success in each section of digital marketing.

For this reason, it’s best to collaborate with a digital and social media marketing agency to develop compelling campaigns and content that will make women entrepreneurs like you flourish in the digital marketplace.

How Can We Help You?

Are you looking for a reliable agency that offers premium social media marketing services? Inspired Melissa is definitely what you’re looking for.

We are a creative advertising and marketing management agency for women-owned businesses. If you want to create custom strategies, keep up with the latest digital trends, and grow your business, book a discovery call today!

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