6 Website Maintenance Tips for Women Entrepreneurs‌

6 Website Maintenance Tips for Women Entrepreneurs‌

Every online entrepreneur should keep in mind that the website is the front page that gives the first impression to potential customers. The way your website looks and performs can tell a lot about your company. This is why a website should not only be properly designed but also well-maintained.‌

The following are some tips on how you can keep your website updated and maintained properly:

Update your plugins

Outdated plugins can put your website at risk of cyber threats and poor performance. It is important to update your plugins because they work well with newer website versions. Some plugins may be no longer compatible with the website’s themes and functionality. Also, cyber hackers can easily infiltrate your website and acquire sensitive information.

Remember to back up everything before downloading any new plugin to make sure that the website will restore to its previous data in case something breaks during the update.

Backup your website

Check all the important files that you have on your computer. If there are files that may cause problems if you were to lose them, it would be advisable to back them up in the cloud or another external device. A website can crash or go down completely; thus, creating a backup for all your files is necessary.

Always check for broken links

Indeed, nobody wants to encounter a ‘404 Error.’ This is frustrating for website visitors and may also cause several major implications to the business. Broken links should be fixed because Google’s web crawlers will take note of them and adversely impact your ranking.

If your website only has a few pages, you can do a manual checking to find broken links. However, if it’s a large website, the help of a tool or an expert should be sought. All links in the website should work properly to improve user experience and online visibility.

Update your passwords

This is a strategy that is very crucial for online marketing but often overlooked. Make sure to change or update your passwords. Doing so will help maintain the integrity and quality of your brand. Keep your website secured and safe by changing or updating your passwords twice a year. You must also ensure that the new login details are unique. This will hinder hackers from accessing your website and get critical information.

Check the speed of your page.

A slow-loading page can impact customer satisfaction negatively. Website users will leave the page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Yes, a slow website can result in a high bounce rate and a decrease in sales and conversions. Various factors contribute to the slow loading of a website, such as media files that are too large and some scripts on a page.

Scan for malware regularly

Hackers are always searching for websites that are easy to infiltrate. Sometimes, even one of the most popular websites can be a victim of cyberattacks. Your website may already be vulnerable, and unfortunately, you may not yet know it.

Running malware scans on a regular basis can be a big help. It can help identify suspicious files so that you can remove them immediately. Make sure that you receive an “all clear” result before creating a backup of your website. This will keep it healthy and safe from possible cyberattacks.


Website maintenance is a vital element to keep your business up and running. Avoid neglecting your website to avoid possible issues in the future. By doing the tips mentioned above, you can ensure to keep your business’s positive reputation and improve customers’ satisfaction.

If you’re looking for reliable website maintenance services, you need to seek help from experts. Our team at Inspired Melissa can provide you with effective strategies when it comes to creating responsive websites and other online marketing techniques. Get in touch with us today!

3 Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses by Women: A Guide

3 Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses by Women: A Guide

Women-oriented products and services are a huge market for many up-and-coming brands. However, as a woman, you may be more interested in solving problems and advocating for noble causes through your entrepreneurial career. After all, these aspirations are well-aligned with the small business model because the business owner-customer relationship is more closely knit and driven towards change in the local community.

Running a one-woman or small team enterprise can be fulfilling. If you want to maintain healthy demand for your offers, you should invest in localized search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a great way to market what you have, reach your target audience, and have a greater influence on your niche. If you want to have a more female-forward, small business outlook on SEO, consider the following tips for your guidance:

Produce compelling digital content for various female niches

Although ladies have different needs and preferences, you have some valuable insight into their daily lives and can easily put yourself in your customers’ shoes. In other words, you know what their interests are and can gain engagement from that. Doing this can even help your business website rank higher on search engines. Thus, always ensure you have local-optimized content for females.

The best way to guarantee you have effective content is to be well-invested in your customer’s daily routine. You can do this by either talking to them when you have the chance or observing their buying patterns from your site’s backend. Whatever strategy you choose, just pay attention to what can be a useful topic to build off from and how your business can step in as the ultimate solution. This way, your content is relevant to them and relays your brand message effectively. 

Initiate keyword research for women’s concerns in your community

The search algorithms are getting more advanced as more prospective customers join each year. In fact, you can type a query particular to your location and gain access to nearby businesses. That’s where your small business can come in, allowing you to profit from these direct connections with new leads and profit-generating channels. But since the market is constantly changing as more businesses are going online, you must find ways to stay on top.

With localized keyword research, you can directly target women customers and even other demographics if you want to further expand your customer base and operations. All you have to do is think about what the typical female user may be looking for in reference to your brand. Additionally, if you feel lost about incorporating your gathered keywords and how you intend to keep it going, consult with a digital marketing specialist.

Establish a strong social media presence by being consistent

Social media is a great avenue for women like you to engage new customers, find support for your small business, and study what other brands are doing. It’s also a smart lead generation tool for blog marketing since you can promote your targeted, local-oriented content. As a result, you can increase your site traffic and SEO marketing capabilities. Just ensure that you stay consistent and think about the user experience through having a responsive website and other related solutions. 


Stepping into the commercial sector as a small business owner can be challenging, especially when you consider the stiff competition and ever-changing market. Fortunately, as a female entrepreneur of your own small enterprise, you have the tools to boost your financial venture. All you have to do is remember the SEO tips mentioned above and consider working with like-minded professionals to help you, just like our team!

Are you looking for the best SEO solutions to boost your brand’s online presence? We at Inspired Melissa can help you with that and more. With our strategies, such as link building and responsive website designs, you can keep your vision alive as an empowered professional. Book a discovery call today to be of service to your fellow ladies and others with your business!

Growing Your Female-Owned Business Through Website Design

Growing Your Female-Owned Business Through Website Design

Living as a woman is difficult. Let’s face it—society has been designed for men to cater to men, to benefit no one else but men. In any area of life, the world will always gravitate toward men; but this time, women are fighting to challenge the status quo!

The Manly World of Business

Most consider business to be a man’s world, something you leave to the men to handle, with their ironed neckties and expensive suits. However, with their sharp heels and even sharper intellect, female entrepreneurs have begun to shatter the glass ceiling, dominating the male-centered society and showing the world what it means to be a female in power.

The Challenges of Female Entrepreneurs

Any business owner is bound to face many difficulties, but as a female entrepreneur, expect that you will have your own set of challenges that only apply to women.

Lack of Funding

While every entrepreneur has hardships in securing funding, women find it harder to get loans than men. Due to gender and cultural biases, some banks may be more hesitant about approving loans for women-owned businesses.

Work-Life Balance

Although society has greatly progressed, the societal and cultural norms towards parenting remain. Mothers find it more difficult to advance in their careers, much less own a business, because they are expected to fulfill their maternal responsibilities.

Compared to fathers and husbands, women carry the heavier burden of balancing their work and family lives. This makes it much more challenging to focus on managing their business, thus hindering its growth.

Unfavorable Work Environment

Gender bias plays a crucial role in managing a business. To female entrepreneurs, their gender alone impedes them from expanding their network, attracting investors, and even gaining customers. 

How You Can Achieve Success

Running a business as a woman is twice as complicated, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a fighting chance! If you want your business to succeed, you have to believe in your abilities, surround yourself with supportive and talented people, and always be willing to ask for help when you need it. 

One of the keys to having a successful business is making the most out of every opportunity. With today’s technological advancements and social media prevalence, you have to build your online presence and make your business known in the virtual world.

Investing in Your Business Website

A website is an integral part of your business, especially in today’s modern society. It can help you generate sales, gain loyal customers, and make your business known to thousands of people from all over the world! 

The quality of your website can significantly affect your business. It has to be accessible, attractive, and user-friendly—all so that your customers will keep going back to purchase your products and services!

Hiring a Web Design Agency

Managing your website on top of running the business isn’t easy, especially if you’re just starting out. Given that situation, having a web design agency can help you with your predicament! You don’t always have to shoulder everything on your own—there are many web design agencies out there that have skilled professionals and are willing to support female-owned businesses like yours.

A web designer has enough experience and knowledge about today’s digital market. They can help you develop a strategic online plan and create a website that’s not only attractive but also reliable and responsive. Hiring a web design agency gives you the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead of the game and eventually rise to the top!


Running a business is not easy, but being a woman on top of running a business is even more challenging! If you want your business to succeed, you must rise above every problem and difficulty and utilize every tool within your reach.

Your website is one of the essential tools you must utilize to guarantee the growth of your company. Collaborate with a great web design agency that knows just what to do to make your website stand out from the competition and help you become the best.

Are you struggling to manage your business and doing it all on your own? Inspired Melissa can help! Inspired Melissa is a creative advertising and marketing management agency for women-owned businesses. You can count on me to create custom strategies to help you achieve your goals, be it through website design or SEO marketing. I’ll be right there with you through every step and state of your prosperous and growing business. Visit my website and book a discovery call today!

6 Benefits of Having More Women Entrepreneurs in 2021

6 Benefits of Having More Women Entrepreneurs in 2021

So many things have always been led by male figures. Now, as we welcome women leaders in political landscapes and the workplace, we get to see the perks of introducing more ladies to these spaces. The scale hasn’t been in complete balance, but we’ve been tipping it enough to see a magical difference.

Here are just some of the benefits of having female bosses (and why we should have more!) in 2021.

The Growth of Women-Owned Businesses

Statistics have been showing a steady increase in women-led businesses, which bodes well for employment and the economy. There are almost 13 million enterprises, according to American Express’s 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, which is a considerable spike, considering there were less than 500,000 women-owned brands in the 70s.

Women of color also have to be commended for taking giant steps, accounting for half of all women-owned businesses. Businesses led by women of color employ more than 2 million people and are generating billions in revenue. Who knows what progress we can make in 2021?

Younger Girls Can Look up to Successful Women

One significant advantage of being a women entrepreneur is the female empowerment you get to provide. Watching women succeed can cause so much awe; it’s merely inspiring for younger girls to see a reflection of themselves overcome gender pay gaps, gender discrimination, and more.

Ladies might also find themselves beginning their businesses. They know they can turn to other female leaders for advice and mentorship. After all, they have gone through everything you’ll be experiencing.

Prioritizing Collaboration

Collaborations can be vital to some businesses to share and grow audiences, as well as create rapport with fellow companies. Women are great at forming brands and are great to work with. They know its importance, and they focus on it.

Perceptive And Self-Aware

Good leaders should be able to be empathetic towards their employees and clients to exchange trust. Inherently, women are emotionally intelligent and are great listeners. They understand what it’s like not to be heard. Putting them in charge of a brand often means more opportunities to share business ideas and a mediator for any work conflicts at work. 

Soft Skills and Hard Skills

Personality aside, women entrepreneurs have shown that they have many of the hard skills that most men tend to have. More women are joining programs in language proficiency, computer programming, graphic design, business management, and more. In addition to that, women already excel at soft skills like critical thinking, decision making, communication, and patience.

Women-Friendly Work Culture

Ladies all know the struggles of corporate culture the moment they step into a building. There are so many situations where female employees need to go against an office that pushes back twice as hard. This can be difficult when concerns such as sexual harassment arise. 

Women entrepreneurs have also dealt with so many doubts and understand which factors can be unhealthy. Having a woman leader with that much experience will increase the likelihood of having safer working environments for girls.


Having businesswomen empowers the message that there’s enough room for everyone to work. As a woman, you may be eyeing to make a stand in the beauty industry, clothing scene, tech businesses, or other sectors. With enough passion and hard work, we’re more than optimistic that your small business can flourish.

Need a branding agency in Bend, Oregon to work on your brand? Inspired Melissa is an agency that provides creative advertising and marketing management services that empower women-owned businesses to achieve their goals. Get in touch with us now!

Qualities of a Social Media Marketing Agency You Should Work With

Qualities of a Social Media Marketing Agency You Should Work With

Women business owners are incredibly powerful and inspiring. Although we wear a bunch of hats to keep our business afloat, we sometimes need to delegate tasks to get fantastic output.

One of the best things you can do for your business is working with a qualified social media marketing agency, but finding one can be tricky. You need to consider so many things before trusting your business and marketing strategy to the hands of other people.

DIY-ing your social media efforts can sound appealing at first, but when you have to get down and dirty with the tasks, a lot may go wrong. You need to remember that social media has a lot of layers and is more than just visual content. From ensuring your content is sales-driven yet authentic, to setting your campaigns with real-time responses, all of these factors can’t be done all by yourself.

If you’re on the hunt for a social media marketing agency to work with, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of qualities of what makes a great social media marketing agency. Happy searching!

They Should Have Years of Experience in the Industry

Many social media agencies are popping up everywhere, making it hard to find the perfect one for your business. But one of the factors that can help narrow down your search is finding agencies with years of experience.

Ideally, you want to work with a company that has experience in dealing with various types of industries and one that has an extensive portfolio of projects. This way, you’ll know that you’re working with a team who’ll be able to understand your brand and goals, creating quality output that will benefit your company.

They Should Have an In-House Creative Team

One of the factors that make up a qualified social media agency is that they have in-house creative designers. When you work with an agency with in-house designers, you won’t have to worry about looking for other professionals to help you with your marketing needs.

Besides that, working with in-house designers from the agency will ensure proper communication, and you’ll also reduce any mishaps from happening.

They Can Deliver Measurable Results

Another qualification you should look for is that they can provide measurable results. This means that they can show you reports of your social media standing, ranking, and behavior, allowing you and the team to make necessary adjustments to your campaigns.

When an agency can’t show you measurable results, you’ll have inaccurate data, and you won’t be able to know if your company is performing well online.

They are Accountable for the Results of the Campaign

A credible social media marketing agency should be accountable for the outcome of your business’s marketing efforts. This means that if they don’t meet your objectives, the agency should have a contingency plan to reach the goal.

The Bottom Line: Partnering with a Social Media Agency is Vital, But Working with the Right One is Crucial

Finding the right agency to work with isn’t that difficult if you know what you’re looking for. The qualities we mentioned above should help you find the right company to work with to help you reach your goals and help improve your business’s standing in an ever-growing, saturated digital marketplace.

Are You Looking for a Social Media Marketing Agency?

For many business owners, dealing with social media campaigns and efforts can be tricky. And for that reason, you should work with a team that has your back when it comes to digital efforts.

Inspired Melissa is a creative advertising and marketing management agency, specifically for women-owned businesses. We focus on achieving our client’s business goals while providing a space for them to focus on what they love and bloom into their business. Learn more about our services today!

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