Every online entrepreneur should keep in mind that the website is the front page that gives the first impression to potential customers. The way your website looks and performs can tell a lot about your company. This is why a website should not only be properly designed but also well-maintained.‌

The following are some tips on how you can keep your website updated and maintained properly:

Update your plugins

Outdated plugins can put your website at risk of cyber threats and poor performance. It is important to update your plugins because they work well with newer website versions. Some plugins may be no longer compatible with the website’s themes and functionality. Also, cyber hackers can easily infiltrate your website and acquire sensitive information.

Remember to back up everything before downloading any new plugin to make sure that the website will restore to its previous data in case something breaks during the update.

Backup your website

Check all the important files that you have on your computer. If there are files that may cause problems if you were to lose them, it would be advisable to back them up in the cloud or another external device. A website can crash or go down completely; thus, creating a backup for all your files is necessary.

Always check for broken links

Indeed, nobody wants to encounter a ‘404 Error.’ This is frustrating for website visitors and may also cause several major implications to the business. Broken links should be fixed because Google’s web crawlers will take note of them and adversely impact your ranking.

If your website only has a few pages, you can do a manual checking to find broken links. However, if it’s a large website, the help of a tool or an expert should be sought. All links in the website should work properly to improve user experience and online visibility.

Update your passwords

This is a strategy that is very crucial for online marketing but often overlooked. Make sure to change or update your passwords. Doing so will help maintain the integrity and quality of your brand. Keep your website secured and safe by changing or updating your passwords twice a year. You must also ensure that the new login details are unique. This will hinder hackers from accessing your website and get critical information.

Check the speed of your page.

A slow-loading page can impact customer satisfaction negatively. Website users will leave the page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Yes, a slow website can result in a high bounce rate and a decrease in sales and conversions. Various factors contribute to the slow loading of a website, such as media files that are too large and some scripts on a page.

Scan for malware regularly

Hackers are always searching for websites that are easy to infiltrate. Sometimes, even one of the most popular websites can be a victim of cyberattacks. Your website may already be vulnerable, and unfortunately, you may not yet know it.

Running malware scans on a regular basis can be a big help. It can help identify suspicious files so that you can remove them immediately. Make sure that you receive an “all clear” result before creating a backup of your website. This will keep it healthy and safe from possible cyberattacks.


Website maintenance is a vital element to keep your business up and running. Avoid neglecting your website to avoid possible issues in the future. By doing the tips mentioned above, you can ensure to keep your business’s positive reputation and improve customers’ satisfaction.

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