Your website serves as the face of your organization on the internet. Depending on your business, it may be the only method of interaction that your customers have with your company.

If, for some reason, your website is not visually appealing or gets too technical for clients to use- you risk losing customers, and it could lead to a potential downfall in your business.

Truth be told, putting together a website all by yourself is a big deal. Of course, it gets more manageable if you’re a professional web designer or coder, but most business owners aren’t. When you attempt to DIY your website, you are taken away from the business tasks that you excel in and often waste countless hours debugging and troubleshooting with a process or software that you don’t understand.

I’m positive that you want to make sure your website can create the best impression with your clients. So, here are the top 8 reasons why you should hire a web designer.

1. You Get a High-quality Premium Website

As you know, there are many website templates available on the web, and if you want, you can use them just fine. But being readily available on the web means everyone has access to those, and many use them for their websites.

A professional web designer can offer you a unique-looking, top-of-the-line website that will help you stand out amidst the crowd.

2. Save Your Time (time=$)

Making a good-looking, functional, and easy-to-use website is a technical job. If you’re planning to build it on your own, you’ll need absolute expertise in every aspect. It’s going to take a long time and effort for you to build up your website from scratch.

A good web designer knows how to quickly and efficiently build up a website, so you don’t have to. Instead, you can spend this time and effort on other aspects of your business.

3. Elevate Your Business Above Your Competition

In this highly competitive era, an excellent first impression is an absolute necessity. Every sector of online marketplaces is flooded with a massive amount of people.

So whether you’re planning to sell your products online or starting a new business, be sure to face a ton of competition. For someone not very familiar with how it all works, it can get very daunting.

For example, generating a lot of traffic for the website, designing a modern and slick user interface, or building up a functioning eCommerce section are challenging tasks.

That’s why you hire a web designer – they’ll give you confidence about your website. They’ll design and streamline your website, so your internet traffic stays at its peak. People tend to get services from websites that look and function better than the rest.

4. You’ll Have a Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design

In this day and age, people are not confined to using personal computers anymore. Instead, a growing number of people frequently use their phones and tablets to get online.

A good web designer will design your website with keeping these mobile viewers in mind. This means that your website will look good and function well on all devices, computers, and mobiles alike. If your website is not mobile-friendly for some reason, you could very well lose a potential chunk of customers.

5. The Ability to Deliver Your Message Properly

One of the top benefits of a web designer is their expertise in delivering your message to the customer. In addition, they can make your brand relatable through the use of graphics, colors, fonts, or everything in between.

Every good website should have a consistent, coherent, and easy-to-understand message that customers can relate to.

6. Your Website will be Search-Engine Friendly

One of the main factors that will keep your website ahead of the crowd is optimizing it for search engines. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a potent tool that will give you a competitive edge over many similar websites.

A good web designer will optimize your website, increasing the chance for your website to end up high on the search list. As people use search engines for basically everything, staying at the top is of utmost importance for your website.

7.Get a Dependable & Bug-free Design

A professionally created website offers you the comfort of reliable and bug-free experience for your customers. This will help you in the long run. Maybe you can cover all the topics mentioned above, but keeping a website running without bugs is a challenging task.

If you experience an error for some reason, fixing it on your own will consume both your time and your money. For example, if your website is down for hours at an end, you could potentially lose hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, depending on your business.

You can avoid this pitfall if you let a professional design and manage your website. Managing a business is stressful enough- don’t put extra pressure on yourself by attempting to maintaining a website on your own.

When and When Not to Hire a Web Designer

For most people, hiring a web designer will always be better than doing it yourself.

You should get a web designer for your website if:

  • You’re think of your website as an investment in your business
  • You want to get online as soon as you can
  • You’re busy with the daily operation of your business
  • You want someone to partner with you in the design & development process

Although, there are some instances when you might consider skipping the whole idea.

You may skip hiring a web designer if:

  • You’re more concerned about your budget than your brand presentation
  • You’re comfortable in web development
  • You don’t mind waiting a few months to get up and running online

Final Words

Web designing is a time-consuming and laborious process. In this highly competitive day and age of the internet, your business cannot excel without a proper website.

A web designer will help you get up and running online (quickly!), and you’ll be able to  focus on other aspects of your business. I’ve tried providing you with reasons as to why you should hire a web designer and I hope it helps you make an intelligent decision that you feel good about.

Bonus Reason!

Adapting to New Web-Standards & Technology

The web is evolving and improving itself every day. A good web designer keeps track of all the new web standards and can implement them to your websites. At Inspired Melissa, we get regular calls from business owners in a panic because their site has gone down, and we are quick to help them recover their site. When you work with a professional web designer, your site will be kept up-to-date, stay functional, secure, and with any luck, your designer will help you add new and improved features to your website according to your needs.

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