Making your company known in the digital space is vital for any organization—but even more so for small businesses! Since you don’t have as much funds or have as many employees as a large enterprise, you need to make more than twice the effort to promote your business and gain a following on the Internet!

The Internet Is Your Best Bet

For a company with limited finances and people, banking on the Internet is your best chance to achieve success. As long as you know how best to utilize this tool, you’re sure to connect with your customers, build a strong network, establish your brand, and increase your brand awareness to build toward your success!

Follow our guide below to help your small business gain traction online:

Establish Cohesive Branding Across Virtual Platforms

Your target audience may encounter your brand on different social media platforms—but are you sure that they will recognize that it’s your business’s brand? What will make them take a second look and click on your link?

It’s all in the branding! It’s more than just having a pretty logo or a nice font—your branding is part of your identity. Choosing fonts, graphics, illustrations, colors, and creating a suitable logo, then being consistent with all these will benefit you so much more than you think!

Having cohesive branding will:

  • Increase brand recognition;
  • Save time and effort;
  • Create a strong brand identity;
  • Build trust from potential customers; and
  • Increase conversions.

Suppose you want to improve your branding online; in that case, you can consult a logo designer to make some changes to your logo and reach out to a branding professional to evaluate your business!

Utilize Proper Keyword Research

SEO is vital for your business, especially since not many people know about your company yet. Banking on SEO marketing will help you rank high on search results, thus making your product or service known by more people. Make the contents of your website SEO-friendly by including keywords on your videos, blog articles, and photo captions.

Investing in SEO marketing will help you improve your organic search rankings on search engines, create a positive user experience, and increase your engagements, traffic, and conversions. Not only will you have more new customers, but your number of repeat customers also increase as a result of good SEO.

Include a Call to Action So That They Know What to Do

You caught your audience’s attention by appearing on search results, piqued their interest because of your excellent web design, and found their answers on your page—but what now? What happens after that?

Getting your audience to your website has one purpose—to convince them to complete an action! No one spends time and money just to achieve nothing, don’t they? You need to tell them what to do so that you can reach your goals! Whether it’s to like your page, click the link, or get a quote, you need to include a call to action in every digital content you post so that your engagement, web traffic, and conversions will increase.


Owning and managing a small business is difficult, especially as a female entrepreneur, but it isn’t impossible! No matter how many competitors you have or how much the odds are stacked against you, you still have a chance to make it, as long as you practice the right strategies. Make sure to follow our internet marketing tips and work with an agency to help you grow your small business.

Do you want to market your business online but don’t know how? Let me, Melissa McGlenn, help you achieve success! Inspired Melissa is a creative advertising and social media marketing agency for women-owned businesses that offers a wide variety of services, such as managing your brand, strategies, and marketing. Book a discovery call today!

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